Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Talkgroup Lists - DMR-Marc and Brandmeister

Below are two importable spreadsheet lists for DMR talkgroups; one for DMR-Marc networks and the other for Brandmeister networks. They each contain their network's primary talkgroups such as worldwides (by language), nationwides, US statewides and US regional groups. Subdivisions of these primary groups, such as the subdivision talkgroup 314249 SC PA Chat, a division of PA Statewide 3142, may not be included. Each file is created as a Excel .csv spreadsheet that can easily be edited for content: add, remove, copy/paste, reposition line/columns, etc. These should give licensed amateur radio operators a good starting point for building their DMR codeplug talkgroup list.

Both talkgroup lists are formatted for direct import into the Alinco DJ-MD5T and Anytone 868/878 software codeplugs. Please choose the correct .csv download file for your radio device. For other radio models, let me know if/how they work with your device. I'd be happy to share that info with others. Users may want to rename the listed talkgroups to better suit their displays, which are generally limited to 16 characters wide. I kept the original talkgroup naming conventions for user full reference.

DMR-Marc primary talkgroup spreadsheet for Alinco DJ-MD5T - click here.
DMR-Marc primary talkgroup spreadsheet for Anytone 868 and 878 - click here.

Brandmeister primary talkgroup spreadsheet for Alinco DJ-MD5T - click here.
Brandmeister primary talkgroup spreadsheet for Anytone 868 and 878 - click here.

Special note: I did not merge these DMRC and BMSR talkgroup lists into one "master" list. This is because of several talkgroup conflicts that overlap on both spreadsheets, such as shared/same ID-numbers [CPS software generally requires that each talkgroup be unique in their network ID-number]. Merging together both lists creates such import conflict errors. This may only be resolved by removing conflicting talkgroups from one or the other spreadsheets that share the same group ID-number assignment. An operator may then be able to edit together a "blended" DMRC/BMSR talkgroup list if they prioritize which conflicted talkgroup IDs they would like to retain/remove for their final codeplug.

As a reminder, it is entirely possibly to have two separate codeplugs, one for each DMR network, that may be imported into your radio as needed, or to suit your general network access needs.

You may download, share, revise and edit the above spreadsheets for your own personal use. My disclaimer is, of course, that I assume no responsibility for any complications or damage from their application or use, unforseen or otherwise. That being said...

I hope you find them useful.

Patrick, K3NYJ

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